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How a Teacher Can Open The Door To Learning

The popular phrases that describe two different types of teachers; “Sage on the Stage,” and “Guide on the Side,” are acutely accurate in defining two different approaches in how to guide students in their learning.  The title of the picture below, “Your teacher can open the door, but you must enter by yourself,” assumes that the teacher in question is more of a Guide on the Side, who provides the tools to facilitate the learning (opening the door) for the students, as opposed to the Sage on the Stage, who will tell you about the door, but not actually open it for you. 

 The best teachers, whether in the classroom, or in the “real world” of work and life, are at the student’s side (figuratively) helping them to that door and help them learn how to learn, as opposed to just filling their heads with facts, figures, and other data through rote memorization.  For a student to be successful, especially in the modern world’s fast-paced, constantly changing culture and economy, they must take ownership of their own learning, and not depend on the teacher for all of the answers.  In that sense, the door (to further learning), is one in which the teacher can help them get to, and help them open, but only the student can go through their own personal door to learning and advance their own knowledge and skills in order to make their way in the world.

What do you think?  How can a teacher best help his or her students through the door of learning?  Please post your comments below…

The Door To Learning

The Door To Learning

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